Bild Bernhard Fasold ©BeJoFa Coaching
Bild Bernhard Fasold ©BeJoFa Coaching

for Coaches and Consultants

in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Online

Supervision is not only suitable before or during a complex or challenging case, if you are a coach or consultant yourself. It also serves professional development and personal growth after the case.

It is equally valuable for self-care, to reduce professional stress and maintain a professional distance from cases.

Together, we illuminate backgrounds, reflect on approaches, search for blind spots, form analogies, and develop new perspectives.

My role:
As a systemic coach, I warmly welcome both novices and experienced coaches and consultants for supervision.

Where it happens:
Supervision can take place both online via video conferences and in person.
In Freiburg and Basel, appealing coaching spaces are available to me.