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Systemic Coaching, Sparring, and Consulting
for Executives at all Levels

in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Online

Executives are overwhelmed with numerous buzzwords declared as important or correct: mindfulness, purpose, empathy, New Work, Agile, skills shortage, VUCA, and so on.
They are under particular pressure to meet the expectations and requirements from “above” and “below,” which often do not align. At the same time, they are expected to modernize their leadership style to satisfy everyone.

The role of a leadership position has always revolved around relationships…
… with people in their own team,
… with other leaders,
… with superiors,
… with the organisation,
… and, of course, with their own behaviours, beliefs, and convictions.

What always resonates are the tensions and conflicts between these relationships.
These naturally arise from changes internally and externally and are part of the process.
Adaptation to changes is necessary, whether it be new technologies and methods, new goals and strategies… or different expectations and visions from customers, decision-makers, members, and applicants… as well as the environment, politics, and society.

My roles:
As a systemic coach and consultant, I help in the context of individual coaching to understand and better shape these relationships and their dynamics. We examine what truly lies behind the aforementioned buzzwords and how they can be meaningfully utilized for you.
As your sparring partner, we jointly illuminate and evaluate your situation, ideas, visions, and plans. You decide what you currently need more – a coach, a consultant, or a sparring partner.

Where it takes place:
The coaching can take place both online via video conferences and in person at your location. In Freiburg and Basel, appealing coaching rooms are available to me.