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Systemic Culture Development, Group Coaching
and Conflict Resolution

in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Online

When people interact within a group or team with shared responsibilities, tensions or conflicts naturally arise, which can affect the culture and thereby the performance of everyone involved.

Two of the most common triggers for conflicts are transformations of any kind and dysfunctional team dynamics. Here, conflicts serve as valuable indicators of where changes are necessary.

Transformations will always occur:

– The current digital transformation, which can never end,
– Desired or forced restructuring within the organization,
– The introduction of New Work or Agile concepts,
– Ensuring sustainability in all aspects,
– Or new achievements like Artificial Intelligence, which drastically and rapidly reshapes the workplace of tomorrow.

Dysfunctional team dynamics, on the other hand, can have all sorts of internal and external reasons, such as interpersonal issues, unclear role distributions and responsibilities, or ineffective leadership.
Often, conflicts between two people are actually conflicts between two roles, which appear as personal conflicts but cannot be resolved on a personal level.

Since the culture is always actively and passively, consciously and unconsciously shaped by all participants, creating a suitable process that allows the team to regularly reflect on their own culture and make necessary adjustments is helpful.

My roles:
As a systemic coach, I assist in understanding and properly handling tensions and conflicts to improve morale and performance.
As a systemic consultant, I analyse the culture with the team and help develop a process that is appropriate for the team to evolve and maintain its culture.

Where it happens:
All this can take place either online via video conferences or in person at your location. In Freiburg and Basel, appealing coaching spaces are available to me.

My templates for cultural analysis can also be used independently by you to identify the current culture.

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